Flexible accounting, compliance with legal requirements.


Taxation and accounting are related to each other in many ways. Without integrated accounting, it is impossible to create an adequate and well-functioning taxation environment. According to our experience, many taxation problems evolve when the accounting does not work well and the communication is insufficient between accounting colleagues and tax supervisors. Overcoming these problems definitely results in great difficulties and significant extra cost.

HÍD Tax Advisory and Financial Consulting Co. Ltd. and HÍD Accounting Ltd. offer complex and up-to-date consultation with regards to all accounting tasks and challenges. HÍD Accounting Ltd. together with HÍD Tax Advisory are able to capitalize on all the synergistic benefits coming from continuous communication and a perfectly aligned working process.


Our colleagues are all highly trained accountants who provide holistic accountancy services for our customers, including monitoring and compliance testing of invoices and receipts. We also create analytics, tax returns, balance sheet reports, and shareholders’ decisions to support accounting.


We undertake the audit of companies required to be audited by law or other business decisions, the preparation of companies for audit, and the management of the entire audit process.

Payroll and labour services

Offering the best employee benefits package to employees is an excellent competitive advantage. Besides the classic payroll calculation and other labour tasks, we put great emphasis on consultation of fringe benefits and other benefits, also on labour consultancy.


Strategic planning is essential to a company’s everyday operation, be it a small or a multinational company. Our dedicated colleagues have decades-long experience and expertise in this field and are in our customers’ service from creating business and earning plans to the continuous controlling of the company’s liquidity.

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